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1st. Floor Suite
Lowcroft House

Sozo Ministry
Disclaimer and Release of Liability Form


I do hereby release the Sozo Ministry of Carry The Fire Ministries and its volunteers from any liability, for any harm or perceived harm resulting from my voluntarily receiving of free prayer on this and subsequent visits. I understand that the Sozo Ministry of Carry The Fire Ministries is staffed by volunteers. They are not professionals of counselling, therapy or medical services. I undertake that if I am currently taking medication, or operating under the advice of a professional service, I will allow my medical doctor, therapist or counsellor etc to confirm any results of prayer received before altering any prescribed course of medication or action.

I further state that I have voluntarily sought assistance at my own initiative and that I am under no obligation to accept or reject any of the advice or help that I might receive from the team members of this ministry.


I understand that these team members are to the best of their ability, doing what they can to help me achieve more freedom in my life.

I understand that the people who will see my information will be the Sozo Leadership only. However in certain circumstances Carry The Fire Ministries is legally bound to pass on information to the relevant authorities if a person is at risk, or certain criminal acts are disclosed. For instance, the Children's Act 1980 obliges any confidential disclosures in respect of child abuse to be reported to the Social Services Department.

Please only continue applying for a Sozo if you have read this disclaimer and release of liability form, and understand and agree with it and have executed it as a free and voluntary act.

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